Give your home a whole new look by staining your brick

Most homeowners don’t even know they can stain their brick. Instead, they invest in the rather costly process of completely changing it. Available in a wide variety of trend-setting colours, our opaque brick stain is the perfect way to update and modernize the look of your masonry for a fraction of the cost.

Our stain not only lets your brick breathe, but forms a chemical bond with the masonry itself. This means it actually becomes a part of the brick, providing you with a permanent colour transformation

The unique benefits of our brick stain:

Superior Breathability

Allows the brick to breathe & prevents blistering & peeling by inhibiting water & vapour from staying trapped within the surface.

Dirt, Stain, Mildew & Mold Resistance

Allows for quick & easy washing to keep your brick looking fresh & new.


A waterproofing system penetrates deep into the brick to form a protective shield against wind-driven rain & moisture to prevent cracking.

Glass Bead Pigments

Penetrate and embed themselves into the brick itself, resulting in rich & long-lasting colour coverage.

Solar-Reflective Pigments

Deflect UV-rays and stain the brick for superior colour retention and a permanent finish that won’t fade or dull.

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