Erase years of wear and tear by painting your stucco

Painting your stucco is a cost-effective solution to erasing damage caused by years of harsh winters. Temperature fluctuations can cause your stucco to expand and contract, resulting in visible hairline cracks. Along with dirt and debris that become encrusted within the surface, your home can end up looking tired and worn-out.

Using our flexible elastomeric coating, our team can renew your stucco while bridging hairline cracks and imperfections to revive the over-all allure of your home. As it transforms the colour of your stucco, our coating wraps your home in a water-repellent seal that effectively locks out moisture to prevent future cracking. Once dry, the coating creates an effective barrier against stains, mold and mildew to keep your stucco and your home looking fresh and clean all year long.

The unique benefits of our stucco coating:

UV-Guard Technology

Solar-reflective pigments block harsh UV rays to prevent premature fading & discolouration.

Ultra-Thick Formulation

Fifteen-times thicker than regular latex paint, our coating effectively bridges hairline cracks & other surface imperfections.

Optima-Colour Technology

High-grade, inorganic pigments result in even, maximum coverage for rich & long-lasting colour retention.

Superior Breathability

Allows the stucco to effectively release water vapour to prevent mold from forming behind walls.

Natural Finish

Results in a textured finish that enhances the natural look & feel of your stucco.

LIQUA-Wrap Technology

Creates a waterproofing system that penetrates deep into the stucco to form a protective shield against wind-driven rain & moisture.

Dirt, Stain, Mildew & Mold Resistance

Allows for quick & easy washing to keep your stucco looking fresh & new all year long.

Extreme Flexibility

Results in a finish that expands & contracts with your stucco to prevent future hairline cracks.

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